Precision Film and Solar Shades is located in Denver Colorado. We have been in business since 2001. Our services include commercial and residential window tinting, window cleaning and solar window screens in the Denver area. In addition we also do sun solar shades, solar patio shades and exterior window shades nationwide.

We specialize in commercial and residential. We offer all our customers around the Denver area free in-home consultations! Our goal is to educate you in different products so you can make the right decision in solving your individualized needs.

Below is a quick synopsis of each of our products. Please visit the web page for the particular product you’re interested in to find out more and to see more pictures. If you’re not sure what product would be best for you, please give us a call, we can walk you through exactly what product would work best for your personal needs.

5 Benefits Window Tinting Offers

Home window tinting denverWith energy prices on the rise, we would all like to know just how to reduce energy consumption. With expansive window design and/or having older less efficient windows, these play a large role in the excessive use of air-conditioning usage in the summer and the loss of heat in the winter.

We have great news! According to a recent study, getting your windows tinted is one of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to lower your energy bills.

Below are five ways having your windows tinted will benefit you:

  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • Helps Eliminate Hot Spots
  • Tame Harsh Glare
  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Acts as a Safety Shield

As the Platinum Dealer for Vista Window Tinting in Denver, we offer the best window tint on the market. Visit our window tint page to read more benefits of getting your windows tinted in Denver. You will also see 4 reasons why we can say Vista Window Tint is the best on the market. We make having tint installed a very easy process with no mess, no hassle and little to no disruption to your daily activities, whether at your home or business.

Residential Window Tint Demonstration – See how residential window tint looks installed.

Commercial Window Tint Demonstration – See how commercial window tint looks installed.


Decorative window tint denverDecorative window tint can change the appearance of a regular window into that of frosted or etched glass. What you can do with decorative window film is endless, which is why it’s a perfect fit for conference rooms, glass partitions, private offices, board rooms or even having your business name and logo on your front glass door or window.

Benefits of decorative window tint include taming harsh glare and provides privacy. Visit our decorative films page to read more.

Decorative films demonstration – see how decorative film looks installed.


Solar window screens DenverHave you ever heard of solar window screens? As energy prices keep rising you will probably hear more and more about them. They have been used for years in Phoenix, Tucson and places where heat is such an issue. So what are they? In short, solar window screens are permanent framed panels of thick mesh which are mounted to the outside of a window frame. Read a more in-depth definition of solar screens here.

Solar window screens in Denver can really help block the heat from getting in and at the same time help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Solar window screens are seven times as effective at keeping your house cool as blinds or curtains.

To read more about solar window screens and the many benefits they offer, visit our Solar Window Screens page. You will also be able to see the different colors of fabrics we offer.


Sun solar shades denverOne of the biggest differences between window tinting and sun solar shades is the versatility, allowing you to adjust the shade when needed. It’s all about you being in control!

Other benefits of Solar Shades:

  • Block Heat & Glare while maintaining the view
  • Conserve Energy
  • Protect valuable interiors
  • Live & work comfortably
  • Provides Privacy

We have several different lines of shades for you to choose from as well as 50+ fabrics. We also carry audio/visual shades which are great for conference rooms, home theaters, hospitals or anywhere which requires total elimination of daylight. All of our shades can be motorized by running them from a 110 volt outlet or a battery operated motor. To see more benefits and what types of openness we offer, visit our shades page. You can also read about the different types of sun solar shades we offer. If you’re looking to build green, make sure you look at our Going Green section to see what shades meet the GreenGuard standards.


Solar patio shades DenverMany people love to take full advantage of their patios, but unfortunately with the heat and glare from the sun it can make it very unpleasant. At the same time you don’t want to use something to block the sun that would also block your view. And that’s why solar patio shades are such an excellent option! They help in tempering the heat and glare from the sun but won’t block your view. Our solar patio shades can be automated with sun and/or wind sensors that will help provide protection not only for your decor but also for the shade themselves. This is especially the case if you live in a high wind area that could do damage to the shade if left down. Installing outdoor patio solar shades in Denver is the perfect solution to control the heat, reduce the glare and add privacy.

Here are seven benefits to having solar patio shades installed:

  • Shade
  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Protection from skin damage
  • Golf ball shield
  • Glare reduction
  • Extended hours of use

Visit our patio shade page to see five reasons why we can say our patio shades are the best! You can also visit our gallery page to see many different pictures of solar patio shades with different colors and different openness. Openness refers to the density of the fabric. Our patio shades come in three different densities, 3% openness, 5% openness and 10% openness. The fabrics density will affect the amount of UV and glare protection as well as the clarity of view. The higher the openness the less dense which means you will have more clarity of view. We have several different fabrics of patio shades for you to choose from.

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Following are some helpful resources:

1. Window Film – Wikipedia 2. Window Tinting – 3. International Window Film Association

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