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Precision Film and Solar ShadesWindow tint, solar shades, patio shades and window cleaning is our specialty. We are a family owned and operated business and are located in Denver, Colorado. We have been serving Denver and the surrounding area since 2001. There’s no need to come to us, we bring our showroom right to your home or office!

100% satisfaction, that’s our main concern. One way we achieve that is by carrying the best products on the market. In addition, our installers are professionally trained and certified.

Thousands of customers are repeat customers and referrals, that’s how satisfied our customers are with us! Our goal is to educate you in different products, then you can make the right decision in solving your individualized needs.

Our ServicesPrecision Film and Solar shades

Our services include:

There are a lot of residential and commercial window tints on the market. Because of this, make sure to do your homework. It’s important to get a good, high quality window tint. Read more about our window tint and why it’s one of the best on the market.

All of our solar shades and patio shades are custom made. We buy all of our solar shades from Insolroll, located in Boulder, Colorado. Because of this we have a turn-around time of 10-14 days, the best on the market! With most companies, you have to wait at least three weeks to get your shades, but not with Precision!

When it comes to window cleaning you are definitely in good hands. We have over 26 years of experience with washing windows, both commercial and residential. We use a pure water system that helps get your windows cleaner and have them stay cleaner longer. It’s also environmentaly friendly, not leaving any chemicals in the ground, the air, or on your windows.

If you have any questions about any of our products or services, please feel free to give us a call. We would love to be of assistance to you!

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